Barbara Poltson

Resident Manager

Since 1979 A STORAGE PLACE has always employed a RESIDENT MANAGER.
We are proud to have BARBARA POLTSON as our current Resident Manager.
Barbara is a life long native resident of Garland County.
She and her husband Carl live on the premises and take pride in their care of the facility and their service to our clients.
Please call her for your storage needs at (501) 525-1170; you will be glad you did!!
Thank you,
Lew & Rita Smith


Hot Springs Self Storage & Climate Control Units

Benefits Of A Self Storage Facility

There is an increasing number of people around the world today that are struggling with what to do with all their excess belongings. This is a struggle that is usually brought about by having to decrease living spaces or simply acquiring too many items throughout the course of daily life. People that are faced with this particular struggle should understand the benefits of using a self storage at A Storage Place.

The use of a storage unit is a common solution to people that have run out of room for their possessions. These units are typically offered from facilities that allow consumers the opportunity to rent individual spaces for a monthly fee as needed. This is usually a facility that is very cautiously decided upon by consumers in need.